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Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services Now Available

The newest in home and office productivity.

  1. Ever wanted a pc with massive internet speeds?
  2. Tired of having your downloads interrupted?
  3. Does file uploads take forever?
  4. Are your torrent speeds a pain?
  5. Does free downloads sites gets annoying due to shared ip usage?

Our Remote Desktop Machines are the perfect solution! It’s like having your own personal computer located in the US along with high speed network connections.

Bandwidth 1TB 2TB 3TB
Port Speeds 1Gbps 1Gbps 1Gbps
CPU 2 vCores 4 vCores 8 vCores
Memory 2GB Shared 4GB Dedicated 8GB Dedicated
Disk Space 30GB 50GB 80GB
IP 1 Dedicated 1 Dedicated 1 Dedicated
OS Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 Pro
Monthly Rate PHP 990.00 PHP 1490.00 PHP 1990.00

Average Speeds

  • No lock-in periods.
  • Pay by the month.
  • Cancel anytime
ActiveCycle – monitoring your team schedule and tasks

While being a team supervisor bring a lot of nice perks, it also brings a lot of hassles and responsibilities. One of which is trying to get your team act together as one. ActiveCycle was built from the idea that team schedule and accomplishments monitoring does not need to be a lot of paperwork, instead we made a digital version of the workflow.

ActiveCycle should be available by the first week of May 2016, so keep watch!!!