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Awesome Concepts

Building graphically appealing and content rich websites is one of our core competence.

Code In Love

We love to code. Using best practices in our projects is a must and we take pride in our work.

An ear to spare

There is no such thing as an obvious answer. Go ahead and ask, we value the simplest questions.

Prepared since yesterday.

We’re ready to go when you are.

We are composed of highly motivated account managers and dedicated developers

Mobile first

Device aware page development. We make sure your site looks good on all platforms.

Modern Design

We take advantage of new technologies as they become publicly available.Creating rich interactive design is our top priority.

Coding with pure love

We don’t code just for the sake of completing the job. We code what works, what’s scalable and easy to maintain. We create design that makes us fall in love.

  • ServerPanels is our very own server infrastructure. Our hosting solution is buiit by developers for developers.

  • ClinicGenie is our free Electronics Medical Records. The platform is built under Microsoft ASP .NET MVC as a sp;id foundation.

  • Meridian ADStrategies, Inc. has over two decades of experience in print, video and campaign production. We can help you conceptualize, develop and implement creative ideas that will provide tremendous value for your enterprise — whatever it may be.

Let Our Ideas

work for you

We’ve been coding for more than a decade. In a sense, consultation is part of the job. Talk to us, let’s make an application that works.

HTML5 Ready

HTML5 is the newest protocol for advance web browsers. Leverage the power of video and multimedia

Font Madness

Tired of looking at the same fonts on websites? Let’s use the ones on your desktops.

Retina Glam

Retina is a screen technology by mobile devices, our designs snuggly fits into this for better mobile web browsing experience.

Customer Support

Call, text message, email, chat. No begging, no bugging. Just straight forward support.

Content Management

Our sites are always coupled with a backend interface that allows you to update your sites on the fly

Parallel browser testing

IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera. Different browsers render pages differently. We try to make everything standard.