To provide the best products, services and solutions, we unsparingly invest and take to heart the personal growth and skill development of our employees. Our workforce is always updated with the current technology, training, knowledge and information that our clients demand.


Here at TECHSTATIC Corp., we are fully committed to deliver Total Customer Satisfaction and develop mutually beneficial relationship and partnership with our clients. We consult with and listen to our clients to have a better understanding of their wants and needs, so we can develop a solution.


We are highly professional as we employ and develop the best employees. We are accountable, proactive and innovative. We value diversity and respect individuality. We always have the best interests of our clients in mind as we firmly believe that our clients’ success is ours as well.

Techstatic is committed to uphold the rights of our employees, and treat them with dignity and respect. This applies to all employees including temporary, student, contract, direct and any other type of worker. We have detailed processes and procedures in place to ensure we are in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations and laws.


Microsoft AppSource

Microsoft AppSource is your go to site when selecting an application developer for your needs.

Technology in our digital infrastructure plays a key part in our operations, and who to best partner with other than the technology giant Microsoft.

TECHSTATIC is a proud member of this network, click here to see our profile.


Where every individual has their own strengths

Everyone will soon have a place in our organization.

We believe each individual has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. We aim to harness those strengths and develop their weaknesses for each to be a productive member in our community.

TECHSTATIC breaks away from the stereotypical staff to provide clients the best representative for mission critical campaigns.


We find the perfect personnel that takes care of you.

Any technology company center can find a digital solution. We are unique in a way that we just don’t find them, we find them for you!

Research is key in our selection process, where we put in solutions that not only works, but works for you. We stage custom scenarios that fits your needs and your budget!


Dialers, CRM, KPI Graphs and More

If you are unsure how outsourced partners can help you, give us a call and we are always happy to talk.

Not every business flowchart fits each client, so we make sure that we are on the same level of expectations, deliverables and performance. We can formulate different applications based on your requirements as well as implement those already deployed.

TECHSTATIC CORP is currently hiring!