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Pencil First Inc.

Far from where we started, our society and economy now stands on an extensive communication system. It is a very evident fact that the growing visually sophisticated public strengthens the demand for the best medium in bridging communication gaps and getting messages through.

Brilliant ideas combined with superior creativity holds the structure for successful information transfer.

We at PENCIL FIRST INC. have crossed the disciplines of art and technology as we mastered the skills of channeling our outputs in solving issues, problems, and reach our objectives in product positioning.

PFI can boast of unquestionable cohesiveness. We take advantage of our individual differences as part of our creative maturity. Harmonious disagreements result to a pool of interesting ideas that pump the lifeblood of our group. Being young is a promise of fresh and new ideas.

Our working atmosphere is very intimate; we draw strengths from each other. With this practice we have become very accessible. A trait highly appreciated by many of our clients, who have become close friends after working with us.

We believe in the efficiency of a simple working unit
We believe that great things start small
We believe in the importance of meeting client’s demand
We believe we have ideas that will work for you!

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