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We have been in the trading business of authentic high-end designer bags since 2003. In 2005, the business name AUTHENTECITE was coined. Back then, we only had a few items on hand that were being marketed thru “buy and sell” magazine. We have started our auction at in May of the same year, and we were overwhelmed by the number of repeat clients and inquiries received daily. Please view the feedback received from our highly satisfied clients at

AuthenteCite is the pioneer in the Philippines with the designer bag trading business which has been growing popularly among Asian countries like Japan, Hongkong and Singapore. Currently, we source out our goods from Europe, the US and other Asian countries. Likewise, we are also open to local sellers/suppliers as long as their goods are authentic and in good to excellent pre-owned condition. We take pride in our expertise of determining genuine designer bags from counterfeit.

We sell goods at reasonable prices compared to boutique rates be it brand new or preowned. Our merchandise are sought after by bag addicts who are into high-end designer goods and yet do not mind having and owning a pre-owned one especially if it’s a rare piece. We have everything from hard to find vintage and runway bags, to limited and even the latest season collections.

We offer personal shopping services for items that are not readily available here or brands that can only be found in shopping capitals abroad. For these goods, we charge more than the retail prices to cover the costing, handling, insurance, and taxes incurred during shipment.

We also buy your brand new and pre-owned bags for as long as it is genuine, authentic and the condition is good or excellent. We pay spot cash only if the seller agrees with our appraised amount of the item. The goods brought to us are appraised according to the current market price, condition, salability, style and brand.

We are not in anyway affiliated nor an authorised distributor of Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Hermes, Balenciaga, Goyard, and other brands that we carry.

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Authentecite has been one of our early creations. We do feel proud that the technology we used way back then is still at par with the ones we use now. View here: http:///

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